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Word Buoys-Life Preservers

Word Buoys - Life Preservers © 2015  Debbie Turner Chavers Water-Man Series Matthew 14:22:33 Have you ever felt that you were in over your head in life or that you needed to accomplish something extraordinary?  There have been times in my life when I thought how easy it would be to accept the invitation that was given to Peter by Jesus. To be fearless in my endeavors, yet instead, I grab hold of God's word and float! Peter was bold and as boisterous as the wind and the sea he was stepping onto.  At that moment he was fearless. My thought is that those still in the ship were fearful. Have you ever wanted to believe the impossible could be possible? Yet fear or lack of faith kept you in the ship? No condemnation. Human nature says "There is safety in the boat with our companions."  Yet Jesus gives us the opportunity to walk on the water, even in a contrary wind! God is able, He will preserve and keep you. Indeed if we fall, He will lift us up. Standing, sea