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Child of Light Rising-Child of Light Risen

Child of Light Rising © 2016 Debbie Turner Chavers John 11:21-26 Water-man series Water color and collage Child of Light Risen © 2016 Debbie Turner Chavers John 11:21-26 Water-man series  As I started this particular Art Parable last year I felt the need to stop working on it. Every time I would approach it to begin researching the scriptures for it and painting I would feel a disconnect.  After prayer I realized that my timing was off and there was something more that God wanted to show me. During this period of time my brother-in-law died unexpectedly and this Art Parable laid on my desk waiting.  The loss of anyone not just a loved one leaves humans with so many questions. My family found comfort in God's word. I pray that you too will find comfort in God's word for any loss you may ever experience. Word Buoys-Life Preservers and this art parable concept came to me as I was journaling some questions to the Lord and looking for answers in His