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Dance of Trust

 Dance of Trust © 2012 Debbie Turner Chavers Water-Man series During this past summer I wrote a journal entry titled " Dance of Trust". I wondered why I wrote this and asked God what it meant soon after.  Later I was reading several of my journal entries and God showed me, the art parable which I have painted called "Dance of Trust."  I saw someone being taught to dance similar to learning the Box Step.  Being led through the steps patiently, one step at a time. Repeated until the student can dance successfully.  Repeated until the student is able to teach another the dance. I am learning to dance as I lean on His Word, study His word, and my one on one time in His presence. I can see Jesus holding my hands, instructing me in this dance called my life.  To learn , I must let Him lead, and I must follow His lead to learn this "Dance of Trust." Join me ~Debbie You can read more articles featuring this Art Parable... Repost of Dance of Trus