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Following the Dragonslayer

Following the Dragonslayer © 2016 Debbie Turner Chavers Imagery and our response to it can be powerful in its ability to refocus our attention. For the disciples the sight of Jesus on a cross had to have been emotionally crushing. Beholding the One in whom all their hope of a better life,of healing and freedom was there before them hanging on a cross. Although Jesus had told them beforehand the details and gave them assurance that it was expedient that He go away. That it was for their good. It was for our good. Yet, the imagery of a bloody, bruised Jesus must have been bewildering to His followers. Devastating, until the third day! I love that Christ Jesus did not leave that beaten, bloody image as the final one. He rose again and they were given the gift of seeing Him whole and one day every eye shall see Him. The art parable "Following the Dragonslayer" is one of the ways I see Him. If you would like to see part of the creative process for this parable