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I/2 Hearted Obedience,Double-Minded Man

1/2 Hearted Obedience, Double-Minded Man © 2013 Debbie Turner Chavers I see this as a double image of the Water-man. There is a form of half-hearted obedience that causes that which needs to be done to not be done. Mainly our total submission to the Way and plan of God. So many times scripture reference the heart as the seat of emotion and functioning like the mind. I painted a darker blue line from the very enlarged heart from the head to emphasize the division and a type of blood line from the heart to the feet. I faded out the arms because it is hard to be truly productive when the other members are larger or are more dominant than necessary. Our emotions, heart, and our mind need to agree and focus on God's word. Otherwise the thing that is needed usually is not accomplished. We become half hearted in our endeavors and in our obedience . Jesus stayed His course, He finished what He came to do here on earth for our salvation. We also have a purpose while on this e