Jonah Gone Fishing

Jonah Gone Fishing
© 2005 Debbie Turner Chavers

After studying the book of Jonah in the Old Testament, chapters 2 and 3, I saw Jonah differently. I did not give Jonah a face because I believe Jonah represents many of us at different times of our life. His staff is in the shape of a cross, because he went to Nineveh to deliver them by his preaching. His obedience caused him to be saved out the belly of a great fish. The seaweed represents the actual seaweed that wrapped around his head and the cords of disobedience that did have him trapped.
When he repented, he was delivered and so was a city full of people bound for destruction.

~Debbie Turner Chavers
© 2009 Debbie Turner Chavers

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Scripture references taken from the King James bible.


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